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Welcome to Lazenza Garage, where you can own the furniture by architects, handcrafted by masters, and furniture that will add value to your home!

About Us

Lazenzagarage; It is an e-commerce and e-export website established in partnership with Lazenza Furniture.
With its design team working within Lazenzagarage, it delivers Lazenza signed design products for you to customers all over the world at the most affordable prices.
In addition to private collections, special places and products designed Lazenzagarag to, Lazenz Furniture From the received power of our energetic team while the custom design and production also yapmaktadır.b shopping our online interior designers and our powerful technology that inspires Turkey and one of the world's most reliable companies we are trying to be.

Firm Title: Lazenza Mobilya Mimarlık Mühendislik İnşaatŞti.
Company Country: Turkey
Tax Office: M. Karagüzel
Tax Number: 6080514568
Mersis No: 0608051456800025
Trade Registry Number: 286766

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