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Welcome to Lazenza Garage, where you can own the furniture by architects, handcrafted by masters, and furniture that will add value to your home!

Delivery & Return


  • Your order will be delivered within 30-40 days after the order is completed. We cry with the cargo or shipping companies that we should understand the delivery of our products. When our products are delivered by shipping, when the product is ready for shipment, our team will contact you and the delivery will be planned by agreeing on the day you are available. Shipping is not available on weekends and public holidays. You can follow the order submission steps in the My Orders section in the My Account section.

For Your Order Cancellation Requests:

  • If your order is in Preparation, if your product has not yet been delivered to Cargo Authorities You can report it by calling our customer service (+90) 532 359 25 66 or sending an e-mail to [email protected] Your order will be canceled within the day.


Did You Change Your Idea About The Product You Received? Notice Your Taste Or Your Home?

It doesn't matter! You can change or return any product that is not produced and installed specifically for you according to your requests.

In how many days can I exchange or return the product?

  • You have 30 days for furniture change and return! We are returning all products within this period, you only need to pay attention to three issues;
  1. When the products sent as disassembled are installed, they are not included in the scope of change and return.
  2. Different fabric coating Changes and refunds are not made for the models specially produced for you in line with your requests such as foot color, size, corner direction changes.
  3. Products that do not match the dimensions of your house will not be returned. Therefore, before purchasing the product, can the product be transported in the apartment, does it fit in your room, through the door? You should consider the information such as pass.
  • You have 15 days for the exchange and return of kitchen, home decoration, home textile products, bathroom accessories, carpets and lighting. Can return the product within this period or you can change it. But we have some conditions:
  1. First of all, the product should not be used and worn out, if the electrical product such as small household appliances. in the group, the protection band should not be opened and there should not be personal products such as mattresses and pillows! Because this is for hygienic reasons we cannot provide return of products. To return the product that meets the conditions we specified, simply call our customer service. The original box and the product with the code we will give you you can send it in its packaging.

My product that I bought with cargo has been damaged, how can I change or return it?

  • It is enough to take a picture of the problem you have with the product and send it to [email protected] with your order number. Customer Our services return to you within 24 hours at the latest, replacing the product with a new or equivalent in cases where a solution cannot be provided with parts supply. Starts the process. It's that easy!

How can I change or return the product I bought with shipping?

  • Just call our customer service or send an e-mail to [email protected] to inform you that you want to return the product. With the code we'll give you You can easily send the product together. We have an important request during the return and exchange process: The product must be in its original package, with the cargo we have contracted. you have to deliver it to the company. We cannot accept returns with another courier company, it has been set up or tailored to you according to your requests. We cannot refund the products we produce.

How can I send the product I bought on shipping for exchange and return?

  • Our own delivery team receives returns for shipped products. You can contact Lazenzagarage Customer Service until 18.00, except on Sundays. In time, our shipping team is directed to his home. If there is any product with "Delivery by Cargo" such as nesting table, carpet, lighting among the products delivered by shipping, the return or During the exchange process, the product must be sent by courier.

When and how can I get the fee for the product I returned?

  • Required when the returned product reaches us checks are made and wage refunds are initiated within 3 business days. What type of payment you pay when placing your order If you did it with, the refund will be done that way. The reflection time of the refund fee on the account or statement may be 3-7 business days, but depending on the banks, this period money can take up to 25 days on cards.

Is the product return interrupted?

  • If there is no error in the product, it is considered within the scope of arbitrary return. The shipping fee will not be refunded for the arbitrary return of the products for which cargo has been received. Shipping cost For products that are not received, the shipping fee paid for delivery will be taken back. For products sent by shipping, delivery and service fees are deducted. Delivery and service fee varies according to the region you live in.

If there is a price difference when I want to make a change, how is it refunded?

  • First of all, you must indicate that you want to change the product by calling our customer service or sending an e-mail to [email protected] We will give you You can easily send the product with the code. After the product reaches us, we make the necessary examination and send the new product to you. The price of the new product, If it is less than the price of the product you replaced, we will refund the difference according to the payment method. If the price of the new product is higher than the product you replaced You have to pay the difference when creating the change order.

Can I return outlet products?

  • Outlet products are out of season and installed with extra discounts, so we cannot return or change them.

Can I return the product I bought with the gift voucher?

  • Yes, of course! You can also return the product purchased with the gift voucher. When you send it back in accordance with the return conditions, the gift check will be re-created at the same limit.

Return, Change Address:
Full Address: Lazenza Furniture- +90 (532) 359 25 66 Ulubey mh. Demirhendek cd. No: 112 & nbsp; Altundağ / ANKARA

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