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Dünya Kitaplık

Dünya Kitaplık
Dünya Kitaplık
Dünya Kitaplık
Dünya Kitaplık
Dünya Kitaplık
Dünya Kitaplık
Dünya Kitaplık
Dünya Kitaplık
Dünya Kitaplık
  • Stock: 100
  • Model: LZ7-004
  • Dimensions(L / W / H): 120.00cm x 40.00cm x 140.00cm
His style:It will add a different dimension to your living space with modern design.
Special Sizes:Yes
Product Material:First class MDF, metal, natural wood veneer
Library Type:Capless
Color:Primary color; black metal. Deputy colors; walnut
Functionality:Modern, original, different design and craftsmanship
Cleaning / Maintenance Proposal:It can be cleaned by wiping with a damp cloth.
Additional information:

    • Our product is designed by our architects, if you want you can change the colors and sizes for special will be produced.
    • For our products we use natural wood and lacquer paint tone can differ in every production.
    • Our products are healthy, do not use in the manufacture of chipboard material to be ergonomic and durable.
    • For changesContact

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